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Who is Kae Sharpe?

Kae is a multi-disciplined artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


She began studying large format photography with Byrd Willams in the 1990's in North Texas. She wanted to be a professional photographer and formally study on the west coast.

Movie Making

Kae went on to study film and earn her BFA at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She went in wanting to make music videos and be a part of the commerical art world but fell in love with the idea of making short films of poetry. Her films have appeared in a number of festivals including, The 1997 Seattle Poetry festival and The 2007, San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival. In 1998, the National Poetry Festival screened her film "L'Étranger" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. In 2004, she was awarded a residency at Hall Farm Center for the Arts in Townshend, Vermont. The film, "O You Mad, You Superbly Drunk" is made with 9.5mm footage given to her at Hall Farm.

Graphic Design

She believes there are many amazing possiblilites with print and web design and really enjoys working the the field. Kae has been working as a graphic designer for over 15 years.